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Tourist attractions

Its tourist attractions such as the lake, the old small fort, museums, festivals, handicrafts, horse rides, birdwatching, ecoturism; among many others, are some of the reasons that make Ranchos village worth getting away for holidays and weekends; or spending a day in the country.

Furthermore, given the features of its natural surroundings, it is a good option for farm tourism, cycling, camping, fishing, and for activities close to nature. Visiting Ranchos village is an opportunity to see and do daily and traditional farm work.

Coming to Ranchos is getting that breath of fresh air you need and be raring to go again; feeling completely free and perfectly relaxed. It is getting back to roots in tastes and customs, letting us take a healthy short pause on the diet we follow.

We offer breakfasts with homemade bread and jelly. Moreover, we prepare homemade and farmhouse pizza and pizzetas. The Station's Hostel also has its own bicycles that can be used to ride around the village.

Ranchos village's center has different shopping and entertainment options. There is a good variety of shops, bars, restaurants, etc. There is also a well equipped hospital with permanent service to deal with any emerging necessity. There is also a sports center in which you can also play many different sports and has a swimming pool.


General information

The Station's Hostel is in Ranchos village, which is head of General Paz district in Buenos Aires province. This village is around 120 km southwest of Buenos Aires city (Argentina's capital). It has an has an approximate population of 12.000 people.

The village's main access road is at about the 45th km of provincial road 29. This road starts in Brandsen village, and takes a southwesterly course towards Balcarce city, in Buenos Aires province.

Ranchos also has a secondary asphalted access road through provincial road 20. This one joins Ranchos with Chascomus city, and can be taken from highway 2, which joins Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata cities. There is a distance of around 30 km from this highway to Ranchos village (see street maps and directions).

The Station's Hostel is in front of Roca railway's station. When this train was in service it started at Constitución station, in Buenos Aires city, and connected many villages. It stopped at stations such as Altamirano and Alegre (to the north) and General Belgrano and Las Flores (to the south), among many others.


Pictures of Ranchos

There are pictures of Ranchos and some of its tourist attractions below. Clicking on the one you choose will allow you to see it in a larger size.

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Pictures of the station, railway, and rail field, in front of the Station's Hostel




Images of streets, houses, monuments, the central square, the pedestrian street, places of interest, and the countryside in Ranchos village




Photographs of the lake, barbecues, camping, and its leisure and recreation areas. Picture of the stage where every year by mid January takes place the forts festival, celebrating the foundation of Ranchos village





Pictures of the sports center, its stadium, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis and paddle courts. Views of Nuestra Señora del Pilar temple, Ranchos village's parish church




The old small fort and the museum; tourist and cultural attractions in Ranchos village





Traditional horse walk as part of the civic and traditional parade that is organized every 12 of october, celebrating Ranchos village's patron saint






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