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What we offer

At the Station's Hostel we intend to heighten the senses, that is why we serve breakfasts with homemade bread and jelly. We also offer the service of preparing homemade and farmhouse pizza and/or pizzetas.

Our Hostel is a good option for a weekend getaway. Its facilities are prepared to board individuals, families and groups of people. Its bedrooms have single, double and bunk beds with private bathrooms; and also have air-conditioning and heating. Besides, WI-FI service (wireless internet access) is provided.

Additionally, the Hostel has a large wooded garden of more than half a hectare. A wonderful chance to be perfectly relaxed, get that breath of fresh air you need; and be raring to go again, feeling completely free.

There are barbecues, freezer and an air conditioned (cooling and heating) thatched roof place for meals in the garden, which has a capacity for up to 60 people. These services are offered to those who stay in the Hotel or camp in its park; or those who rent the facilities for some social event or meeting such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, christening and communion ceremonies, retreats, etc.

The garden has also parking place for both those who are provided with accommodation services, and those who rent the Hostel's facilities.

The Hotel also has a big kitchen and dining room equipped with dishes, fridge, freezer, ovens (one of them is special for pizza), and all that is necessary for cooking.

The unique rural and natural surroundings of the Station's Hostel are very suitable for horse rides, birdwatching, ecoturism, fishing, cycling, etc.



Accommodation per person, per night (breakfast and use of the facilities included): ask price.

Breakfasts specially for people with celiac disease at no additional charge (those who may like to have these breakfasts must contact and book in advance, in order to prepare and organize them).

Camping in the Hostel's park per person, per night (breakfast, parking and use of the facilities included): ask price.

Organization of social events using the facilities: ask price.

Homemade and farmhouse pizza and/or pizzetas per person (all-you-can-eat system; drinks and desserts not included): ask price

Credit/debit cards are accepted (online payment only). And cash means of payment (without credit/debit card).


The Hostel

The Station's Hostel is at 3476 Moreno Street in front of the railway station in Ranchos village, Buenos Aires province.

The Hostel is placed in a house that was begun being built at the beginning of the 19th century as part of a big country house. Later, some sheds were built nearby that became a soda factory. This was the only factory of this kind in the village for many years. At first the delivery of bottles and siphons was done by means of horse-drawn carriages, and some years later lorries were begun being used.

No factory is being run in those sheds nowadays, and the house was refurbished keeping its original building style, in order to give lodging and leisure services to those who like country life and villages.


(Oil paintings done by the plastic artist Salvador Pedro Laterra, exhibited at the Station's Hostel. Click here or on the image to learn more)



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The Hostel


Homemade and farmhouse pizza and/or pizzetas

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